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I wish to reduce natural disasters of country which deposit atleast LKR1billion 16/08/2020

07 th of December 2022 will be my bith date.Any one can deposit LKR 1billion as birthday present.

If this will be deposited before 13 /14 December 2020,before the meteor shower, it will be the best to the world. If no one has still deposited this it will be better to deposit this before fully end the meteor shower on 16th.

Today 16th of August 2020 there is a huge donation activity for Monks. I wish any of following statements will be deposited and updated by LKR 1billion or any amount more than LKR50,000,000 due to the merits of this donation activity and I would like to dedicate merits to all involved in deposit the money.And Nobel peace prize will not be granted until happens this.

Account name-K. T. R. Pathirana

Account no-019020550954

Bank-Hatton National Bank Plc (Private Bank)
No 06,St Ann's Street, Kurunegala

Swift code-HBLILKLX
Bank code -7083
Branch code-019


Account name-K. T. R. Pathirana

Account number - 0180-01934636-113

Bank - Seylan Bank, Sri Lanka (Government Bank)

Seylan Towers

No 90, Galle Road,

Colombo 03.

Sri Lanka

Swift code - SEYBLKLX

+94 11 2 008 888

Reach Head Office

+94 11 2 456 000

By Fax

+94 11 2 421 597

Standard Chartered Bank
A/C name-K.T.R.Pathirana
A/C number-18 5200024 01
Branch - One gall face Branch, Sri Lanka
Personal Foreign currency account
Currency - US dollars/LKR
Swift code-SCBLXKLLX

Binara Full Moon Poya Day Donation
Order Reference Number-

Another Important Pirikara will be donated to Maithree Lord Buddha as soon as possible this amount will be available in the account.

If any country deposit more than 1billion,more natural disasters will be reduced parallel to the value.

I could be the next Lord Budhdha after Maithree Lord Budhdha.
I can start listening Rathana sutta wishing to eradicate all disasters from the world as soon as I receive LKR1billion.