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Receive a healthy Life by depositing USD 10 30/01/2020
If you are a foreigner outside Sri Lanka deposit atleast USD 10 to Standard Chartered Bank Account,Your stress level will be lowered,Diabetes risk will be lowered ,Heart Diseases risk will be lowered .shortly you will be healthy.

Standard Chartered Bank
A/C name-K.T.R.Pathirana
A/C number-18 5200024 01
Branch - One gall face Branch, Sri Lanka
Personal Foreign currency account
Currency - US dollars/LKR
Swift code-SCBLXKLLX

However,the deposit will be non refundable for any reason and minimum deposit is USD 10 and there is no a limitation or maximum amount to deposit.
You can just test by USD 10 and stop deposits if you are not satisfied.
I am performing pujas for your health.

If you need you can express your disease,and wishes in the "Wish a good health category" for a limited time after make the deposit.